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Karma by OHM

Karma by OHM

Be the Change. Karma by Ohm was envisioned to inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself. Change starts within... When all you want to do is hide under the covers... Relax! When you feel pain… Strike a pose! When you’re feeling bored… Look around! When you feel anxious… Close your eyes! When you are feeling uncertain… Have faith! When you are feeling jealous… Trust love! When you are feeling happy… Rejoice! Each design in Karma by Ohm embodies a different action inspired by ancient chakra and karma philosophy. The idea is simple. Connection is vital to our existence. We are all links in the charm bracelet of humanity. We are interconnected. By changing ourselves we can change the world. Learn, adapt, and move forward into the brightest most totally awesome future you can imagine. You are alive. You are life itself. You are Ohm. Be the Change.

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